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Making Sense

A jewelry set which combines light, smell and sound to enhance the courting ritual which humanity has infamously transformed into the virtual space.


Project Description

In the 2000s, an era of digital courtship began which is not limited by time and distance – from chat rooms, social networks to dating applications. The virtual space allows us to feel comfortable, however it takes a massive toll on us. It increases the feeling of abundance, leaves us behind masks and screens, and distances us from our biological senses.

The distance from the physical harms our interactions with each other, and we gradually lose our natural ability to understand non-verbal messages, signals and body language. It is difficult for us to create intimacy and manage to understand the other side. This project offers a new courtship ritual through a series of technological jewelry that relies on physical interactions and enhances the biological senses through light, sound and smell. The jewelry is intended for those who are not ready to move to the virtual space and want to start listening to their bodies, go out and reveal their feelings without embarrassment in order to meet a suitable partner.

By Yael Menahem