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Knitting with Sigi

A conversational, instructional knitting machine that accompanies the knitter while they practice and learn new skills.


Project Description

Knitting with Sigi is a project that deals with the form of learning and the learning experience of handcraft while focusing on machine knitting techniques and asking the question: can the machine replace the teacher?

Sigi is a manual home knitting machine combined with computer intelligence – it introduces technology into the worlds of craft, one that is based on cooperation between the machine and the human hand and not one at the expense of the other – strengthening the creator rather than replacing them. Sigi represents a hybridity of analog and digital, it uses its physical elements as a knitting machine together with the ability of virtual conversation in order to help the student improve and specialize in knitting. It accompanies the student while knitting at home after a lesson with a human teacher. The project seeks to observe our relationships with the machines and robots that are multiplying around us in all areas of life and finds that when it comes to knitting there is still no substitute for a manual demonstration.


By Dana Zohar