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The Drawbox Project is a children-oriented interactive artwork, in which participants collaboratively create an imaginary world composed of drawings. Visitors are invited to draw colorful sketches on paper and then use the Drawbox – a special workstation installed at the exhibition space – to deliver their drawings into a dynamic virtual world. Participants witness their drawings come to life, as each shape receives real-world physical properties, propelling in motion and interacting with drawn shapes of other participants.

The Drawbox can be simultaneously installed in multiple venues. In this mode, visitors in remote locations create a single, shared virtual world. They can communicate and correspond with each other through a spontaneous artistic language.  

The Drawbox Project seeks to engage visitors in a simple, self- expressive form of creation and interaction. Participants explore a form of playful transition between the physical and digital worlds, and the possibility of communicating with remote others through a limiting – and thus creative – channel.



The Drawbox Project was created by the Michal Rinott, Daniil Umanski, Naama Agassi and collaborators while at the Interaction Lab at the Holon Institute of Technology. It was first commissioned by Design Museum Holon, and made possible with the support of the British Council’s BIARTS program for cultural exchange, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport.