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Michal Rinott, Eran Gal-Or, Shachar Geiger, Luka Or

Cubes is a collection of 20 transparent interactive cubes, each combining a single input with a single output. Cubes celebrates the potential of simple tangible interactions for engagement and pleasure. By fixing the form of these interactive objects into the simplest one: a cube, we can explore affordances and behavior in a “lab-like” environment. A new aesthetic language is created by making the cubes transparent, equally sized and self-contained.

Cubes is an open source project; all code and schematics are published on an interactive website.

Cubes has been presented in museums and conferences around the world, including:
Design Museum Holon, as part of the DECODE exhibition, 2011
Tangible Embedded Interaction conference, Barcelona, Spain 2013
Ars Electronica Linz, ArsCampus exhibition, 2013
Art, Science, Technology exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine, 2014
And again in Design Museum Holon, as part of the “Black Box” exhibition, 2020