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An interactive box for children who are undergoing hospital treatments, with a virtual character named Ludo which they can take care of using various physical sensors on the box’s exterior.


Project Description

The ‘Ludo’ project was born out of the pain identified in children treated in the hospitals, with a goal to create a kit for them that could be a sublimation of the treatment experience:

  1. Changing the kit box in such a way that the patient examines and interacts with the box from the outside
  2. To make the child a therapist of some creature himself and not as a patient.

The result is an interactive box in the form of a living person that contains a screen and various interactions that enable these goals. Through contact and various actions we create relationships and a feeling of caring for the animal that appears in it. The creature is in a status similar to the status of the child, the patient, and therefore the child will be able to process the experience that passes through him during the treatment.


By Nitsan Cohen, G’di Ya’ar, Kinneret Anoch, and Sagi Levy