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Game of Bread

An interactive game which intertwines physical baking artifacts with a virtual simulation in order to teach the user how to bake in a freeing, and enjoyable manner.


The project was developed as part of the human-food interaction course as part of the interaction group and in collaboration with the Asif Center. The purpose of the project is to simulate the baking process of sourdough bread in a fun, fast, and interactive approach. Throughout the game, the user’s various actions are displayed on the game surface, starting with adding raw materials such as flour or water, kneading, rising and baking the bread.

The interaction experience makes use of the images that characterize each of the baking stages, for example: to add flour, the user “pours” according to the desired amount into the bowl and to bake, the user blows air onto the mixture. The system reacts according to the various operations and affects the final result of the baking. If the user added too much flour, then the bread will be too dry, and if the bread rose for too long (or not enough) then the bread would be under-baked. This way the user can experience and have fun with the different results and discover the world of baking.


By Alon Rosenbaum