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This project explores collaboration through synchronized dance and live video generation, using two cameras to capture participants’ movements and coordination, with dynamic elements like music changes and tasks for enhanced engagement.


Project Description

Duo was born from the exploration of how moving in synchroneity with someone else can boost collaboration between individuals and an examination of how technology can be a mediator in remote interactions. It uses dance as the medium to explore these topics because its practice normally requires synchronicity.

Duo takes the live input of two cameras on two people, and generates a live video comprised of both inputs, one on top of the other.  Additionally, Duo can play an array of song to which the users will try to dance to in coordination, as if they were one person. To bring more dynamism to the experience there are some parameters that can be changed throughout the interaction: the music, the part of yourself that you can see in the video, and a list of tasks that the players can perform together. The music is controlled by an external operator, that controls it to change the mood and to keep the energy up. The experience also considers a set of instructions that are shown on the shared screen, that are activate by the external operator.

Finally, the videos can be flipped (to show either your top half or your bottom half) both by an external operator or by the players themselves, through a soft button placed on the floor in front of them that they can step and activate. This brings a degree of dynamism and surprise to the experience, allowing the players to flip the video when they run out of ideas for movements, want to spice it up a little bit or don’t feel comfortable in a certain position.



By Daniela Rojas