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An Interactive Border

This project seeks to create a secure and stimulating environment for fostering the bond between dogs and toddlers by exploring controlled yet free interactive scenarios.


Project Description

The bond a dog and a toddler build within a family could be a wonderful thing – unfortunately, most of the time, toddlers aren’t very good at understanding the signs dogs use to communicate with us.

Sivan, as a mother, did not feel comfortable allowing her child to play with her family dog without supervision. Since a supervised, controlled and limited surrounding doesn’t always have the potential for free, playful interaction – the search for a new way to play together was needed.

The Interactive Border was Sivan’s way to try out and test many different situations that would allow free, yet safe interactions between her daughter and her dog. By researching and identifying what stimulates and motivates each of them to react to each other, while being on different sides of an interactive fence, they came a step closer to finding a way to create a safe space for dogs and children to grow their special bond.


By Sivan Grodsky