Studying here

We research the medium of interaction, both as an academic field and as a creative materia. We present our work in academic conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals, magazines as well as co-write books.

Interaction Group

The interaction group is a special study path in Interaction Design and Technology.

In this study path, a group of ~24 selected students from the different Shenkar departments are specializing in interaction design and technology,  as it relates to their “native” discipline. Therefore topics explored include interactive jewelry and clothing, interactive spaces and textiles, dynamic materials and electronics and software innovations.

The students study one course or workshop per semester in the center. The specialization program will culminate in a final project exploring interaction in depth.

We are now seeking applicants for the 2021 Interaction Group, to be launched in this year’s second Semester. If you are interested, write us a mail, and we’ll get back to you. 

Future Living Room (ongoing)

The main course of this year’s Interaction Group is about the future living room. We are having a Hybrid Semester – Most of the work and studies take place in the digital space, but we do insist on meeting and doing in the physical space too.

In our mid exercise we created interactive furniture, built prototypes for them and presented them in the amazing lounge space in Abraham Hostel in Tel-Aviv.
Here are some sights from the presentation and projects:

Current Courses (20-21)

Every year we hold special courses in which students from different departments work together to conceive, design and build protoytypes for new interactive experiences in different topics.

2020-2021 courses include: 

    • 01/ The Future Living Room

      How will the future living room look like? What new interaction will people have in it? We envision different possible futures and imagine people interactions in these private-public spaces. This is this year’s main course of the Interaction Group.

    • 02/ New Models For Sensing and Interfaces

      This Masters in Games Design 2nd year course deals with NUI (Natural User Interface) and how it can be used in games. In the main exercise, the students were asked to develop a game that uses NUI for teaching a specific topic for their selection. 

    • 03/ Personal Project for Master Students

      Students from all masters programs are suggested to work on a personal project in the Kadar center. This year we joined the Sapir College, which produces the Ofakim “Midarom” Festival. Our students work as a group for creating an interactive installation for the Festival.

    • 04/ Physical Games

      A course for the 1st year in Masters in Game design, exploring tangibility in games.

    • 05/ Interaction Design Theory

      Study the past if you would define the future” – Confucius. In this course, as part of the “History and Philosophy” department, we will learn how the human-computer dialog was invented and how it has evolved to the current day.


New Materials for Interaction

Exploring the potential of dynamic materials and processes to convey and communicate digital information, emphasizing the opportunities created by the material disciplines in Shenkar – plastics, textile, chemical engineering.

Chairs in the sky

A course exploring new concepts for the flight experience, in collaboration with El Al Israeli airlines and the ACT Shenkar accelerator.  Students flew on research flights and used their insights to develop novel concepts focused on the opportunities related to the interactions between passengers, and with the crew, equipment and space.

Tangible interfaces

A course with 24 students from nine design, art and technology departments. We explored new opportunities for integrating the power of computation with the beauty of our bodies and the material world around us. Students devised novel tangible interactive objects within their areas of interest, and built working prototypes for these: wearable, spatial or embedded. The course ended with a festive event in which visitors were invited to experience the different interactive interfaces.

Student Involvement in Research

Masters and advanced BA students are invited to participate in research conducted in the lab. In the past years a number of sub-projects have been developed by MA students and have been presented in leading conferences.